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Updated: Jul 6, 2022


My life is the window,

a rectangle of dark air.

Thunderstorms, a new record.

Ceiling-to-floor windows save us —

I hop to the light,

watch beautiful clouds go by.

We’re birds, eating our sushi

to the sounds of applause from the balconies.

That's the best part: cheers

for the essential workers.

The eeriness of a street

full of masks.

A queue right

around the building.

Shopping is sweet

potato burgers, enchiladas,

pizzas, frozen curries.

Treats are brownies and Cadbury’s.

Too panicked to linger

over the veg. aisle.

Days are blending,

like the white noise of traffic.

We move our table — black, IKEA,

closer to sunrise and sunset.

Today we put on Wall-E while eating.

My knees go.

A 30-day yoga challenge.

We snuggle up on the sofa,

not much to say.

Not much to set our alarm for.

Afric McGlinchey

With thanks to Erin Hall from Chicago for her account of life under lockdown.

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