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Editing Services

Afric’s editing service includes a close reading of your work, a detailed reader’s report and line by line proof-reading
Afric McGlinchey received a BA in English literature from Rhodes University, and a post-graduate honours degree from the University of Cape Town. She has over twenty years’ experience as a freelance editor and has worked for a number of publishing companies and consultancies in Southern Africa and Ireland (including College Press, Longman, Juta publishing, Struik publishing, Wolfhound and Macmillan). She has worked in literary fiction, crime fiction, YA, secondary and tertiary textbooks, non-fiction, children’s fiction and commercial fiction. She also edits poetry and short story collections.
I approach a manuscript holistically, assessing the quality of the writing, the structure, use of all five senses and visibility of setting. Depth of character and motivation are important aspects of a novel and I will focus a writer’s attention on these. I also look for glitches in terms of plot, the process of revelation, repetition, stylistic tics and writing that is a little loose – maybe it’s because of my training as a poet, but I like writing to be lean, with not a pick of extra flab. Due to long experience, I can work fast too, and tend to proof-read as I go, fixing punctuation (I’m obsessed about correct use of the apostrophe, for example!) and copy-editing. I also write a Reader’s Report, which will be anything from 6 to 20 pages long, depending on the amount of work still needed to be done.
Please send a sample of your manuscript, with a word count, to receive a quotation.

After scores of rejection letters from agents and publishers for my thriller, The Manhattan Project, I decided to take the advice of one publisher, and have the book professionally edited. After some searching, I was recommended to Afric McGlinchey. That was one lucky break! Afric did a full structural edit and recommended I delete 18,500 words! I took her advice, which led to a partial rewrite. Not only was Afric eagle-eyed in spotting errors, more importantly, she contributed lots of positive good ideas as to how I could improve the story and strengthen my characters. Several of those suggestions were incorporated in my next version.

Within a week of sending out the new version, two publishers were interested. I signed with Black and White Publishing from Edinburgh, and The Manhattan Project will be published in the UK and Ireland on the 10th of May, 2018. Amazingly, foreign rights have already been selling strongly to countries, including Germany.

Afric was a joy to work with and I have no doubt that her edit made the crucial difference in finally getting published. Thanks again, Afric.


author of The Manhattan Project

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