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Mother and son

Updated: Nov 20, 2020


What the Man-Moth fears most he must do.

–Elizabeth Bishop

How did we get

from a boy in a check dressing-gown

and Jedi sword…to here?

So much safer

to be a pianist or read

political theory, Marx and Hobbes…

This first day in his working life,

he is nervous, excited,

and play along I must.

Wish I could cast a swathe in front of him,

wield a sword left and right,

slay every monster in sight.

That little boy who needed only

Jaffa Cakes & me for his power,

could have been a saxophonist, a cricketer,

an artist, or actor or chef.

But, just like his long-dead dad,

my son is a man

and a doctor today.

That’s what makes it

a morning I’ll never forget:

the morning he first embarks

on slaying a real monster,

sword in his hand.

Afric McGlinchey

I am indebted to the Arts Council for funding a project to write poems during, but not necessarily about, the lockdown, and to share them on my blog. I am writing these narratives in response to stories given. Thanks to my cousin Lisa for this one.

Photos courtesy of Lisa Cronin-Cusack.

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