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phase one

Updated: Aug 6, 2022


Tide is in, all I see is water.

Possession is nine responses to what?

A prick of a guy does a 200-mile trip to share it.

How do you judge something?

I don’t know who these people are, but they get a mention.

Since this began, he says, she’s been sitting outside and drinking.

Yeah, no, I am just looking out my window.

Today, the sea’s a bit rough, as though it’s been hit in recent times.

You’d swear previous hurricane warnings would have been helpful.

It was beyond online coffee, or paperwork.

Here, you have mountains, water, the audio of a storm.

Whose responses do you want?

So much of me.

One more trip and it’ll be anyone’s house.

There’s a sense that people are hanging out and going to family functions.

If anyone is sniffling, get out!

You do get attached to things, especially visual pieces or a word journey.

I ordered these pretty masks that reconfigure life out of respect.

Don’t know why he would want to sell garden germs.

The roads are busy, the beach mindful.

There’s nothing you can…nah, nah.

He has no intention of…

On a boat, ruthless.

It’s fine he says, it’s not as though we’re going to kill each other.

In England, you think yeah, everything’s going.

How do you feel about leaving this in the front yard?

During phase 1, they handed me a mug.

Good luck is broken between them, so it might be easy, that sensation.

The sea splashing the sea.

I swam right through Wednesday.

So he’s definitely going to meet up

to four people outside.

I still have furniture, but can't throw the tides.

Find a place where it’s safe in three weeks.

I intended to go back before it all began bursting at the seams.

He’s been a lead story for days,

trees and daughters of friends.

You just want to know what’s been happening.

I can’t think of the family home.

The whole thing about where it’s been.

Myself and the two boys tripped twice.

Like looking at a wall about to collapse.

There. So much.

With thanks to L.B. for telling me their lockdown story.

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