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Stars too sharp tonight

Updated: Nov 20


i.m. rhys

here you are, with your raspy-skinned hands

and your body, lips needing balm,

right at my feet, you,

arriving via a wave and a surfboard

your molecules astral-travelling…

remember those double thicks at Tiny’s,

the helter skelter – for nothing,

you said...skipping your finals,

swapping a degree for a walk with me,

to talk about dreams and the universe,

ballet and science and music notes

drawn with a stick in the sand,

Italian in bed, softest of voices, bluest of eyes,

the phosphorescence,

can of beans and the firelight

were there blessings enough in your life?

that empty swimming pool, our very own tree

where you serenaded me with your flute,

the kitchen back step and the quad,

the windowsill with the cat,

thumbing a ride on a lorry,

the pyramid of logs on the back,

one etched with our names

and your letters, poetic, elliptical...

describing how love travels, like light,

emitting radiance always



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