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Blackout Tuesday

Updated: Jun 19


i.m. George Floyd

On the dead man’s chest go the loud red stains.

Threads, hundreds of talk-talks.

Truth always comes after death.

After a picture

that equals trampling.

What fate is easier than self-deceit?

There is no easy language or knowledge.

I am angry nearly every day. There's no hope

without waving.

Tiny threads sew people together.

Can you hear me?

Pass on charity; what is wanted is to tell a different ending.

Save the sorrows, go again for justice.

All wasp, can anybody tell me why?

It takes courage to fight a powerful river.

The filthy hatred and tyranny.

Nothing is a movement in space, and the devils, too, are America.

No hope without fear, no fear without hope.

The walk to freedom is one we must all take,

high acts for our best morality,

or face the repetitions of unpalatable truths.

In our lifetime, a tidal wave, like air.

How long does a person spend living?


My 11th poem, written as part of a project funded by the Arts Council, is a response to the killing of George Floyd, which has triggered a worldwide civil rights movement despite the pandemic.



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