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Memory's hand grenade

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

i.m. George Floyd


From the marrow in the marrow: the start.

–Thomas Lux

Was he pushed?

I am angry nearly every day.

Can you hear me?

Pass on charity;

what is wanted is to tell

a different ending.

Save the sorrows, go instead for justice.

All WASP; can anyone tell me why?

It takes courage to fight a river

after the loud red stains,

the inconvenience of violence.

Did this happen to your brother?

Threads, hundreds of talk-talks.

Truth always comes after death.

Courage is the price of a letter

to the world

after the trampling of a neck.

Tiny filaments binding people,

even the halt and the blind,

the city bringing hither so many roads.

Even nothing is a movement in space,

and the devils, too, are America.

Still, there’s no fear without hope,

high acts for our best morality,

and maybe a clutch of luck –

a tidal wave, like air, that rises,

because there is only this:

a person, spending their life.

Afric McGlinchey

An earlier version of this poem appeared in Abridged: https:

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